Review Policy

If you would like to submit a book for review please send an email to
We read romance NA, YA , Contemporary, Erotica and Chick-lit.
If you send an ARC it will be for REVIEWERS EYES ONLY, we don’t share. Review will be posted when ARC is finished unless you specifically ask to hold post until release day.  

Please check out our reviews before requesting to be sure that your book and our blog will be a match. Our reviews range from short to long and are NOT recaps (AKA book reports). We usually stick to the feelings we got from reading and don’t go into many details about the actual story. In other words, if you are looking for insightful, brilliant reviews that discuss the various types of prose and relevance of a story to the world, you’re at the wrong blog. 

***We try to avoid SPOILERS but if we can’t, they will be labeled as SPOILERS ***
Why did this book have to end? I won’t stop thinking about this book for days, weeks, possibly months. I will reread this book over and over again…for the rest of my life!!
This was a great book!! I might read it again someday.
3 Stars
 Eh, it was ok.
5 Stars (1)
*Indicates that the book was better than the lower whole star but less than the next full star

This was so bad that even I couldn’t finish it. I probably skimmed through it just to see if anything of significance happened but it obviously didn’t if I still didn’t even rate it.

NOTE: If we rate the book anything less than a 3 we will NOT post a review on the blog. If you are the author or publisher we will let you know in an email why we gave this rating.
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